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Sinus Graft for Implants


The empty spaces above your upper jaw are called maxillary (upper jaw) sinuses. When teeth are removed or lost from this area, they often leave very little bone with which to anchor a new dental implant. In the past, this posed a problem for certain patients who wished to have a dental implant placed in this area.

With sinus grafts, we can restore the bone in these areas to adequately support an implant and thereby allow you to benefit from the natural feel and look of dental implants.

Procedure: Dr. Philip Fava surgically accesses the sinus area above the missing tooth. He then places grafting material in the location that will anchor the implant. After several months this material will become part of your jaw and an implant can then be inserted and stabilized using this new bone.

If indicated, we can use an advancement in sinus graft technique that allows for minimal surgery and less chair time. Working in conjunction with the bone grafting material that is placed, it then assures a complete integration of the new bone into the existing bone.