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What Our Patients Say…

What Our Patients Say…

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What Our Patients Say…

If you have come to see Dr. DiGirolamo in need of an implant, you could not be more pleased with the results. He is very skilled, knowledgable, caring and competent. Over the years, I have been his patient for several implants, all very successfull. The procedure is not unpleasant due to his gentile touch and caring nature. Don’t hesitate to put yourself in his hands.

And Smile!


Dr. Di Girolamo and staff are pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. They listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions in terms I could understand. When I left the office, I felt that we had a plan that would work for me. The whole experience was wonderful and I thank Dr. Di Girolamo, Diane and everyone in the office! ~SH

I went to visit Dr. Di Girolamo after suffering from gum disease for several years. After only two short visits, he was able to correct my condition. I was extremely pleased with his thoroughness and genuine care for my health. I will highly recommend Dr. Di Girolamo to anyone in need of a periodontist. ~ TH

Had a problem  3 other dentists couldn’t solve. Dr. Di G fixed it- also had my teeth cleaned there – don’t want to go anywhere else ever – love the girls there, very nice. Dr. Di G is great – trust him and would recommend anyone to him – I wasted money going to other dentists until I was referred to him!! Love the whole staff!

Dr. Di Girolamo took his time to explain my implant anchor and was very informative. The office & procedure room were very clean and on return visits there were no surprises. Dr. Di Girolamo made me feel really relaxed & you can tell he cares about his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a dental implant. ~BS

Implants are super. The more the better. Feels like having all of your teeth back. I like to eat. ~LL

Dr. D performed 8 implants for me during 1 visit. I am thrilled so far with the minimal discomfort and would attest to the excellent quality of this service. The staff has been very helpful. ~AD

I have been coming to Dr. Di Girolamo’s office for 29 years. Initially I had gum disease that required surgery. Since then, with the help of Dr. D and the staff, my gums have remained stable and healthy. I value their work so much that I continue as a patient, even after retiring and moving 140 miles away.~MH

I have been a patient for many years. When I moved to Florida, I had to change doctors. After a failed implant, Dr. D. repaired the damage, notified the previous doctor and they returned the cost.

I have recommended at least 4 to Dr. D and they are as completely satisfied as I am.

Dr . D is the best! ~GH

I had an infected tooth (that had a crown but the root canal had failed – not from Dr. D) I had to have the tooth extracted by Dr. D and was very nervous. The procedure was so quick and relatively painless that I kept asking how did he do it so quickly!? The experience was much better than expected and would I would recommend him to others. ~DS

Dr. D and staff  are the best! I’m on my 3rd implant – very successful and worth it! Looks great ~DF

My dental hygienist does a good prophylaxis on me. The office is clean and tidy. Dr and staffs are very friendly. ~KTC

My experience having an implant procedure was very positive. The front desk offered accurate information on every step of the procedure and experience of other patients. Dr. made sure I had no paint on any of the procedures. Each step of the treatment was explained in detail. The entire staff is interested in supporting and caring for their patients. ~JM

He’s a great doctor. See you next week. ~SW

All of the staff is a credit to the dental profession. ~MC

Dr. Di Girolamo and his staff are awesome! They are friendly, caring, reassuring and go above and beyond to ensure their patients are comfortable, informed and satisfied. The office is easy to find, plenty of parking and you are always greeted with smiles! I love to visit this office! ~SM

The experience was wonderful and painless! My implant was in before I realized the doctor had started. It healed perfectly without any complication. Again, a great experience! ~CM

I recently had a dental implant and the procedure to my surprise was painless and the procedure was done in less than ½ hour. I did not experience any discomfort the day of the procedure or the following 8 days. I did not have to take any medication for pain and was able to resume normal activities the day of the procedure. I can’t thank Dr. Di Girolamo and his staff enough for their professionalism, thoughtfulness and concern: It was so nice to know that Dr. Di Girolamo was available that anytime if I had any problem.